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  • Carmine Red Food Pigment
  • Carmine Red Food Pigment
  • Carmine Red Food Pigment
  • Carmine Red Food Pigment
Carmine Red Food Pigment Carmine Red Food Pigment Carmine Red Food Pigment Carmine Red Food Pigment

Carmine Red Food Pigment


Natural Food Pigment Cochineal Carmine Red  Powder At Low Price

Product Description


Item  Standard
Appearance deep red powder
Ingredient carminic acid≥50%
Description extract from female dactylopius coccus
Advantage good heat and light resistance
Physicochemical property soluble in water, ethanol and propylene glycol
Grade food grade, cosmetic grade
Typical application beverage, ice-cream, ham, sausage, biscuit, cake, cosmetics
Storage in closed containers, in cool and dry place
Standard export standard
Shelf life  24 months
Form  powder

Applications of Cochineal red:

Cochineal red can be used for coloring foods, medicines and cosmetics, especially mouthwashes, tooth powders, dusting powders, ointments. When used for solid powder dosage forms, it should be dissolved in a small amount of concentrated ammonia solution, and then added. In the powder, the long-term grinding, in order to obtain the best distribution of the best color with aluminum or tin salt mordant, silk and wool can be dyed into a bright red. It can be used as an indicator for foods, cosmetics, etc., as an indicator for titration of ammonia solution, and as a reagent for microscopic analysis, fluorescence analysis, and the like.

In Cosmetics

It can be used in lipsticks, foundations, eye shadows, eyeliners, nail varnishes and baby products. In pharmaceutical

Cochineal is used in the pharmaceutical industry as a coating material for tablets and pellets as well as a colorant for capsule shells.

In Food 

Cochineal can also be used for coloring foods such as candy, drinks, and meat products. Cochineal red use of cochineal red pigment in addition to coloring function, studies have shown that it has a significant effect on preventing DNA damage caused by carcinogens, and can be used for viral diseases (such as vesicular stomatitis, herpetic stomatitis, etc.) , cancer and AIDS prevention and treatment. Cochineal red and yellow, orange, red pigments, such as curcumin, annatto, chilli red, and beta-carotene, can be combined to produce a range of different shades.



25kg per bag or per drum



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Q1: Can I get some sample?

A: Sure. Free sample of 50-200grams can be provided upon request. 

Q2: What’s your quality assurance?

A:We have very strict quality control system, to reduce the complaint rate to nearly Zero. Meanwhile, Our products are certified by ISO, HACCP, HALAL, KOSHER,GMP,etc. 

Q3: What’s the MOQ?

A: For most of the products, MOQ is 100kgs, however, pls contact us for confirmation. 

Q4: What’s the lead time?

A: Production lead time is around 10days after payment confirmed. 

Q5: What’s your payment terms?

A: We accept the following payment terms:

30% TT in advance +70% before shipment.

L/C at sight

Western Union/Paypal 

Q6, How long until I can receive the goods?

A: Shipping time depends on many factors (country of destination, quantity of goods, shipping method, Custom control, etc), the delivery time can range from 7days to 50days. 


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