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  • Liquid Glucose Syrup/ Corn Syrup/ Rice Syrup/ Maltose Syrup
  • Liquid Glucose Syrup/ Corn Syrup/ Rice Syrup/ Maltose Syrup
  • Liquid Glucose Syrup/ Corn Syrup/ Rice Syrup/ Maltose Syrup
Liquid Glucose Syrup/ Corn Syrup/ Rice Syrup/ Maltose Syrup Liquid Glucose Syrup/ Corn Syrup/ Rice Syrup/ Maltose Syrup Liquid Glucose Syrup/ Corn Syrup/ Rice Syrup/ Maltose Syrup

Liquid Glucose Syrup/ Corn Syrup/ Rice Syrup/ Maltose Syrup


Liquid glucose syrup is made from high quality corn starch using enzyme technology.It is a starch sugar in which the content of maltose is more than 50%.It has many advantages such as a low moderate sweet,anticrystallization,low freezing point,high osmotic pressure ect.
1.Description of product:
1) Name of product: Liquid glucose syrup
2) Molecular formula: C12H22O11
3) Molecular weight: 342.31
4) Raw material: corn starch; 
5)Trade name:Tenway Biotech
 2. Item Index
 Appearance: Viscous liquid, no visible impurities by naked eyes
 Fragrancee Special fragrance of maltose.
 Taste: Odorless ,soft sweet, no peculiar smell
 Dry Material (solid )% : 80%
 DE:38-42, 40-44,45-53
 PH Value : 4.0-6.0
 Sulphate ash< 0.3%
3.Character &Application 
 1. Cool and transparent, soft sweet, good taste, absorbed by the human body digestion, it is a kind of trophism sweet taste raw material.
2. The sweetness of maltose syrup is about 40% of the sucrose's, 60%of glucose's.
3. Well anti-sand in the candy, fruit jelly, jam and other food products, and crystallization and anti-sand are seldom occurred.
4. Stable at high temperature and acid condition, especially suitable for the candy.
5. Well in keeping wet, fragrant, permanence of color. The maltose and the water form composition, so enhance water and wet holding capacity at the same time reduce water activity.
6. Stable in the chemistry performance, low in freezing point and high in expansibility.
7. Unique viscosity in food and drinks, which can be served as modifying agent.
Maltose syrup is widely used in candy, frozen food, drinks, beer,yellow wine, ratafee, jelly, baked food, presered fruit, condiments, zymin, medicine,meat,etc

4.Certificate:ISO14001,ISO09001,ISO22000,OHSAS 18001,GMP,HACCP,HALALA,KOSHER

5.Specification of Glucose syrup 80%                

Items Specification
Appearance Viscous and transparent liquid ,no impurity by naked eyes
Odor Have a special sweet smell of this goods
Taste Sweet medium and pure ,no peculiar smell
Color Colourless 

Physico-chemical Index

Items Unit Index
Dry Solids %≥       80%
PH value   4.0-6.0
DE value  % 38-42 or 40-44
Sulphated Ash %≤ 0.4

                              Sanitary Index

Items Unit Index
SO2 ppm ≤ 40ppm
Pb mg/kg ≤ 0.5mg/kg
As mg/kg ≤ 1.0mg/kg
Bacterial Population cfu/g ≤ 3000cfu/g
Coliform Bacilli MPN/100g  ≤ 30MPN/100g
Salmonella Negative/25g Negative
Shigella Negative/25g Negative
Staphylococcus aureus Negative/25g Negative


300Kg/HDPE Drum,24MT/20’FCL


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Q1: Are you trading company or manufacturer?

A1: We are trading company but we also have our own factory and cooperate factories. So we can provide wholesale price and provide kinds of products that you need.

Q2: How can I get the samples?
A2: We can provide you free sample for our existing products, the lead time is about 1-2 days.

You just need to pay the sample delivery cost. 

Q3: Can you provide relevant documents? 
A3: Of course. We can provide Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Bill of loading, COA,

Health certificate and Origin certificate. If your markets have any special requirements,

just let us know.

Q4: Do you accept third party inspection?
A4: Yes.we do. 

Q5: If the inspection result can not meet the agreement between the two sides,

can you bear all the losses caused by this?
A5: Yes, we can. We guarantee that the samples provided will meet the needs of our

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Q6: What types of containers are used to package products from your company?
A6: It is generally 20'FCL or according to customers' requirement.

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A7: Generally it is with 7 days if the goods are in stock. According to quantity your required,

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